About Strengthen

Our Mission

To enhance the connection between coaches and athletes, so that coaches can improve the lives of more people through strength and conditioning.

Our Story

Strengthen was founded in June 2015 to provide the best tools for strength coaches and athletes to manage and track their weight-room performance. We believe that strength and conditioning makes athletes better and that the methods they use for improving movement can be applied to life in general.

We envision a world where strength coaches are a staple for high functioning human existence, for athletes and the general population. So we’re building software that makes creating, communicating, recording, and analyzing weightlifting data intuitive and enjoyable. With our approach coaches will be more efficient and effective, so we can work together in bringing a new era of health and nutrition.

Working at Strengthen

In the same way that we want our customers to have an amazing experience with Strengthen, we want that for each and every employee as well. We are all about building, connecting, and learning with people. If you want to do exceptional work in an environment that values trust, honesty, and empathy; come make it happen with us!

Our Approach

Challenge your body mind and spirit
Every day, we strive to improve mental, physical, and spiritual efficiency and effectiveness so that we can create value for others.
Always listen first
Wisdom is acquired by accepting what we don’t know. Sometimes the people around you can teach you the most if you just listen.
Embrace experiments
We champion methods like human centered design, lean product development, and rapid testing.
Think positively
We encourage open discussions and realize that positivity leads to maximizing efforts.
Be efficient, be effective
Build, measure, learn, raise the bar, rinse, repeat.
Celebrate success
Life's too short not to enjoy it.

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