Measure. Manage. Move.

The best way to track your movements and work with your coach.

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Mobile mock-up of the application

Product Features

The crazy thing is, trainees want to use apps.

Create Workouts

Create workouts as a trainee or trainer on your phone, tablet, or desktop. You can save workouts, making them easy to access later.

Manage Trainees

Easily add, change, or remove trainees from your organization and groups. This makes it easy for trainees to transitioning between sports, seasons, and organizations.

Assign Workouts

Need a workout for specific positions? In a few clicks, you can assign workouts to entire teams, groups, or individuals.

Record Workouts

Since trainees can access Strengthen from any device, they completely own the recording process. No more distributing and collecting sheets of paper.

Analyze Progress

Time in the weight room is precious. Spend it wisely by analyzing performance progress on demand. When you have an insight on an trainee’s workout, you completely level up your training skills.

Compete With Others

You want to win right? Well practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. With Strengthen's leaderboards your trainees will compete for top spots every day, not just on days you post scores on the board.

Browser mock-up or the application

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